How to Trade Futures
Identify. Execute. Manage.
These 3 Simple Rules Can Earn 10-20% Daily ROI Trading Futures
123 Easy Trade Features:
Fastest way to learn to trade futures is with a simple, rule based entry and exit strategy.
Help you learn faster, smarter, simpler. Learn to take only high probability “A” trades.
Easy to learn system even for brand new traders. No risk, no money, no fear.
Get a free demo account, free data, free charts for one week to test if the system is for you.
Why Are So Many New Traders Using 123 Easy Trade?
Because It's a fast learning curve, simple to follow and affordable. You don't have to risk any live capital while learning. For one weeks you can test system for free and see if its for you. Customized training packages are available.

Simple Entry Signals
Learn our tried and true simple entry signals that takes out the emotional, "What if" hesitation in human nature.

97% Accurates Entries
Learn to enter effectively when the computerized signal fires off. It eliminates all emotions and allows your trading to be mechanical.

Learn to grade your trades to seek out only the highest "A" trade potentials. This eliminates over trading and under performing.

Interactive Live Trade Room
Learn by watching over the shoulder of seasoined veterans who trade live money every day. They will show you what "A" trades look like and explain why.
Using the123 Easy Trade System These Daily ROI Gains Were Achieved in the Live Trade Room

Where Were You?

123 Easy Trade Has 3 Simple Rules for the Daily High ROI
Trading the 123 Easy Trade system allows the trader to relax and become mechanical, carefree and avoiding all emotional decisions that cause your brain to fire off unexpectedly.
IDENTIFY the "A" Trade Entries
Trading the 123 Easy Trade way allows the trader to relax and let the 'system' take over and find the highest probability trade set ups for the best entries. These are our "A" Trade entries and targets.
EXECUTE the Trade Effectively
Trade the 123 Easy Trade way allows the trader to relax and let the 'system' take over. Once your entry signal fires off, you wiil learn to pull the trigger and effectively execute the trade to enter. NOW at the Blue Dot Cross for the best entries.These are our "A" Trade entries and targets.
MANAGE Trade for Greatest Profitability
Trading the 123 Easy Trade way allows the trader to relax and let the 'system' take over. Once you have identified your "A" trade set up and Executed. You will learn to manage your trade for greatest profitability. You will learn to manage your emotions, manage your money for the highest probability for profit, and mange the market conditions. These are our "A" Trade entries and targets.
That's Cool...But Who Else Has Been Profitable with
123 Easy Trade?
Our students come from many walks of life. No matter what your experience with trading is, you will find the 123 Easy Trade system the most simple to understand and easy to follow.

Brand New Traders
First time traders will find this system easy to learn! You go at your own pace in a friendly environment with no stress.

Stock Day Traders
Any day trader who trades stocks will find day trading futures on this system is much easier and far more profitable than day trading stocks.

Those New to Futures
If you’ve been curious about trading futures, this is the place to learn in our live trade room watching over my shoulder.

Seasoned Traders
If you are a seasoned trader and looking for a simpler and more profitable system to trade, the 123 Easy Trade system is right for you.
Hear Other Profitable Traders Who Love the
123 Easy Trade System
Marta P. GA
Hello Candace, As I meditate on the abundance of blssing in my life, first I thank my Lord for sending or putting you in my life. I give Him thanks for all the talest he has given you, so you cna help people like me. Today I made $4, 965.00 in 3 hours. With great gratitude to God and you...
Patrick D. AZ
Hi Candace, FYI -I have turned the corner in my trading! Started this week in the red but made $520 in four trades today, I contract. Back in the green this week. With the 123 Easy Trade system I now place trades with expectations of profit even after large draw downs.
Rachel S. NV
Candace, First of all I can'nt tell you how much I enjoy learning from and trading with you. You are truley caring, understanding and very informative. I am up approximately 13 points(I think that is the same as ticks?) this week after trading with you. This is in live money and trading only one contract at a time since I am still a newbie. I have found it very helpful to trade in a group as it is a more reassuring and learing environment. Thank you for all your help and the information that you have taught me. I still have lots ot learn and am anxious to do it!
Steve P. CA
Hi Candace, Hooray! I just made $2,520 today trading 2 contracts each on gold and crude in Sim on Ninja in 2 and 1/2 hours following your advise. I plan on trading 2 contracts when I begin trading live. God Bless.
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